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All-Win Iron & Steel All-Win Iron & Steel

What blast and paint service  can All-Win Steel Company do? 

All-Win Iron & Steel

Technical Parameter of Blast and Paint Machine
Chamber Entrance Size900*3100mm
Effective Processing Range700*3000mm
Number of Torches for Single Spray System4+8 sets
Filtration System Capacity3m/m 12000
Waste Dust Emissionmg/min <2
Paint Average Passing Speedm/min 0.6-10
Paint TypeWater-based Paint,Oil-based Paint
Table Height800mm
Electrical System    Total Power300kw
Air Supply Sytem     Air Supply Power200kw
                     Working Pressure65-100 mbar
Transmission Min. Length3000mm
Transmission Max. Weight500 kg/m
Machine Size Spray Unit24330*6300*3700mm